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while we're at it..

you can find me at → hiemal

some fall cleaning!

i'm going to be biased, no hard feelings. ♥

if you're thinking wtf add me back! then just click on the comment and we can rekindle some love.

i'm the boss.

do some work, and i will pay you. ^^

do something wrong, and i will punish you. ^^

do me a favour, and i will treat you. ^^

do ... well let's not get carried away. ^^

go watch Protect the Boss!! ...and i will love you. ^^

you know what?

i've always been afraid of letting go, since that would mean the end. like a child, i wanted to keep holding. but now it doesn't seem that hard.

thanks for loving me.

thanks for loving me.
it's not easy, i find
i'm a coward, undeniably
your words are too kind
while i eat a banana
i'll keep them in mind
nothing rhymes with banana.

can i say it like that? ^^ thank you, anon. i'll cherish the v-heart. the best gift i've received.